We are dedicated to helping veterans get their deserved service-connected disabilities.

Qualifying conditions include PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, Persian Gulf War-Related Illness or Agent Orange Compensation, and others.

Filing Notice of Disagreement

After the VA has provided an unsatisfactory rating, a veteran has one year to file the notice of disagreement.

This is your opportunity to address the factual reasons on why the VA is wrong in denying the benefits you are looking for and deserve.

Gathering Evidence

Evidence is important and you do not want to find yourself doing it alone. We can assist you in providing the right medical and factual evidence that supports your claim being presented to the VA.

Attending Hearings

Whatever level your claim is at, having a skilled attorney at your side is crucial. This helps you make sure the best case is made for optimal results.

Appeals to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals

Appealing to the Board of Veterans’ (BVA) is important if the decision is not in your favor. The process includes rebuilding your case and gathering more evidence.

Working with Other Professionals

Our firm provides a good network of professionals such as doctors and therapists who also advocate for your rights. These professionals work with us in a cooperative approach to make sure you have the necessary evidence to win.

Qualifying Conditions

Qualifying conditions include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, Persian Gulf War related illnesses and Agent Orange compensation.

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