employee layoffs terminationWrongful termination lawsuits are so popular, there are over 2.9 million wrongful termination attorneys listed on Google.

Once an employee leaves your company’s employment, you lose control.

Can be costly if handled poorly

Employee terminations and layoffs can be a costly endeavor if handled poorly. Unfortunately, an employee who believes he or she was terminated for the wrong reason will likely seek advice from an attorney.

MelderLaw can help you reduce risk

MelderLaw can greatly reduce the risk of your recently terminated employee bringing a “good” case to an attorney.

For current employees and terminations, we can help you spot issues such as discrimination, retaliation, or other liabilities prior to your decision to terminate an employee. We can help you mitigate the risk of a high-risk termination. In addition, we can give your company the tools to help educate your managers and supervisors when dealing with employee terminations and layoffs.

MelderLaw can help establish policies and agreements

For future terminations, we can help you establish a set of policies and employee agreements that can reduce the risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit.