integrated servicesMelderLaw wants to be your company’s go-to resource. We recognize that the legal field is changing and that companies expect value from their relationships.

MelderLaw offers a proactive approach with flat fee model

With that in mind, MelderLaw offers integrated services.

For the company that wants to take a proactive approach managing its employees without adding a significant cost structure, we offer a flat fee model. Our flat fee model gives companies the reassurance that when managers pick up the phone to call, they are getting a law firm who wants to help them with their problem.

Our approach is innovative and our clients love this approach.

MelderLaw can provide help for payroll, human resources, benefits and risk management too

Beyond the legal component of the employer/employee relationship, MelderLaw recognizes that companies have needs for payroll, HR administration, benefits and risk management. We have developed trusted relationships over the years with service providers in these fields who can help your managers focus on their operations, while allowing us to focus on your administration.

MelderLaw can pull these tools together for your company, a la carte or as a package.