government audits and investigationsThe EEOC, Department of Labor, U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement are just a few of the agencies that police the employer/employee relationship.

Targeted, surprise, and complaint-driven audits

They do this through targeted, surprise, and complaint driven investigations and audits.  These tactics can lead to thousands of dollars of liability for a small to mid-sized business, even if they cooperate fully with these agencies.

Need a law firm that can push back

Without question, if your company faces a government audit, you need a law firm which can push back against the government and help your company truthfully and succinctly present its defense to government allegations of wrong doing.  Make no mistake, when the government collects evidence from your company, it is going to use it against you.

Let MelderLaw be the spear of your defense.

MelderLaw can help you solve your problem

If you are hands-on, we can help guide you through the audit or investigation process. MelderLaw will provide counsel and work with you to help you achieve realistic goals and solve your problem.