employment complianceThe best tool for a company to avoid employment related audits, investigations, and litigation is to conduct employment related audits.

Yearly employment compliance audits are the answer

Yearly audits are a company’s best defense to employee claims.

MelderLaw can guide your managers through this process or we can take a more hands-on approach.

Employers need to communicate company policies

The best tool a company has with engaging its employees is communication, communication, communication.

One effective method is using policies to communicate company expectations.However, policies must be kept updated and regularly communicated.

We can help with policy review and drafting. We can also provide clients with resources to effectively communicate their message to employees.

Get help from MelderLaw with an internal investigation

Workplace investigations become necessary when employees steal, harass, bully, etc. In fact, Title VII provides protections for employers who conduct them earnestly.  However, most companies fail to do them or conduct them appropriately.

An objective workplace investigation gives a company potential defenses and credibility while sending a message that it takes employee claims of theft, harassment, bullying, etc. seriously.

Having MelderLaw conduct the investigation, gives a company peace of mind that its investigation will be conducted efficiently and in an unbiased manner.