employment agreementsEmployers use employment agreements for a variety of reasons.

Common forms of employment agreements

Currently, the most common forms of employment agreements include noncompetes and nonsolicitation agreements. The use of these agreements has exploded in the last couple of years due to Texas courts liberalizing the enforceability of them. Now many older noncompetes and nonsolicitation agreements that would have not passed muster would probably be found enforceable if challenged. These agreements are useful; however there may be other ways to protect your confidential information without having to resort to the legal system.

MelderLaw can tailor agreements to your needs

After consulting with MelderLaw, if you elect to use noncompetes and nonsolicitation agreements, we can draft these agreements tailored to your needs. The best time to consider noncompetes is at the beginning of the employer/employee relationship. However, if you have a current employee that you wish to enter into one of these agreements, we can explore this process.

MelderLaw can also provide counsel and drafting for severance agreements. These are agreements generally offered to departing employees who the employer fears may have a viable claim or lawsuit. MelderLaw’s philosophy is to never pay a departing employee any monies without getting something in return; a severance agreement is a great tool to ensure peace of mind.