employee relations

As a business leader, how often do you go to sleep thinking about employee issues?

Employees are the finest resource a company has. Without good employees a company cannot compete.

Have you considered non-compete agreements?

Have you considered the impact an employee can have when he or she departs the company?

We’re talking about competition. Noncompete agreements are enforceable, when drafted correctly.

When is the last time you looked at yours?

Do you have a strategy to limit your liability after hiring an employee with a noncompete?

We can help you protect your customers and employees from poaching.

Navigating family leave & disability benefits

We help companies navigate federal and state leave benefits like family leave, disability benefits, worker’s compensation, etc.

More to the point, you don’t need a lawyer when employees use these benefits like they should. However, you do need one when employees start abusing federally protected rights.

Although we encourage employers to be generous with employee benefits, as long as it makes sense financially, we also recognize that most employers aren’t aware of their rights when it comes to employees and family leave or disability. We can be that resource.

Mending the fence with an employee

We believe that losing an employee is disruptive and costly.  Therefore, when engaged, we take a proactive approach to mend the relationship.

However, there are times that just can’t be done. When the time comes to discipline or terminate an employee, we can help your managers navigate the legal mine field by providing advice on producing contemporaneous and truthful evidence to support decision making, and other actions to help the company mitigate risk. We can also provide simple, cost-effective training to give your managers the awareness to spot legal trouble down the road.

Avoiding costly litigation

The most costly, yet avoidable, litigation for employers to date is wage and hour litigation. These are lawsuits where an employee blames his or her employer for not paying overtime.

MelderLaw has litigated both sides of the coin. No question about it, once a company gets hit with one of these it is generally going to pay money.

Don’t think you will get out with just what you think the company owes the employee.  Money damages are often many times higher than the amount owed, plus attorney fees and interest. This type of litigation is devastating to a small company.

Start out right with MelderLaw

Start out right.  We can help your company with employee pay issues, employee classification issues, etc.

Also when your company has to terminate an employee, your managers need help to consider the options, risks and post termination issues.

MelderLaw partners with its clients to help them through this extremely difficult time.