There are two basic service models

Right now, the legal field provides two basic service models.

Full service, with its exorbitant fee for service structure, is uncertain and expensive. Why? The client has no control once the attorney is tasked. It is expensive because the attorney is motivated to maximize the time spent on a project at the client’s expense. The client usually spends more than anticipated and gets little value in return.

Online document providers do one thing really well … they help individuals and businesses memorialize specific relationships. But what about the legal issues not serviced by a legal document? A client may be able to retain an attorney from a document service provider, but the traditional fee for service structure would apply.

MelderLaw is different

Although we offer the traditional model, MelderLaw is acutely aware of the cost constraints on small and mid-sized businesses.  Recognizing this, we offer an alternative.  Businesses who become MelderLaw clients get affordable legal services at predictable and budget-friendly pricing.

For companies wanting predictability with their legal budget, MelderLaw offers a cost effective model that gives a company access to a lawfirm without the fear of running up legal bills.  For example, if you need to pick up the phone to discuss a problem employee, a termination, a government audit, a business agreement, or just want to run something by your attorney, you can do that with MelderLaw without fear of skyrocketing legal fees.

We value our relationship with you

At MelderLaw, we value the relationship. Our primary goal is to provide you the opportunity to be proactive and to give your business control over its legal solutions.

Here are our fee options:

Option 1 – Full Service

For businesses preferring a traditional engagement, MelderLaw’s hourly rate is $300.00/hr.

Option 2 – Monthly Service Flat Fee

For businesses preferring predictable and affordable pricing, MelderLaw offers a flat fee model.

  1. 1 to 14 employees: $189.00 per month
  2. 15 to 49 employees: $273 per month
  3. 50 to 99 employees: $357 per month
  4. 100+ employees: negotiable. Please call (214) 281-8770

MelderLaw accepts cash, check, and credit / debit card.