8 Tips to Keep Company Parties Fun And Avoid Problematic Situations


company partiesParties are generally pretty darn fun, especially around the holidays.  Below are just a couple of tips to help y’all have a good time.

Bad behavior:

1.  Be clear that the company’s policies still apply.


Drinking (if drinking is part of the festivities):

1. Hire a caterer to serve drinks;

2. Limit the amount of alcohol; or

3. Offer to subsidize an employee’s cab fare.


Wage and hour-yep, overtime:

1. Stay away from conducting business, just have fun;

2. Make the party voluntary to attend;

3. Hold it outside of business hours, unless you shut the office down and give employees a choice of going home or attending the party; and

4. Hold it away from the business.


Finally, don’t forget to have fun!

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