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The Problem

Today, practically every employment related decision has a legal consequence.

Volumes of federal and state case law, regulations and statutes protect employees.

All employers in the U.S. are required to comply with these laws and regulations or risk hefty fines, lawsuits and even jail time.

Despite these enormous consequences, many businesses, large and small, and their owners put their “heads in the sand” and do not pay heed to potential regulatory problems because it is easier and less costly to ignore them.

Then one day you need an employment lawyer because…

Your Solution

MelderLaw is a Labor and Employment law firm in Dallas dedicated to providing innovative and cost effective solutions to help small and mid-sized businesses comply with their legal obligations to their employees.

We are your business lawyer and strive to provide value through common sense, yet legally sound counsel.

We are sensitive to the cost of legal services and work hard to find innovative solutions to make legal services accessible to small and mid-sized businesses.

So if you are looking for an employment lawyer or HR lawyer in the Dallas area, take a look at our services and our unique business model to provide you with the legal services you need.

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Universally, no business likes litigation.  However, there are times when a business can’t avoid it.  For example, a difficult termination can lead to threats of litigation from a jilted employee. You then need an excellent employment lawyer.

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Government Audits & Investigations

The EEOC, Department of Labor, U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement, are just a few of the agencies that police the employer/employee relationship. They do this through targeted, surprise, and complaint driven workplace investigations and audits.

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Employee Relations

Employee relations

As a business leader, how often do you go to sleep thinking about employee issues? Employees are the finest resource a company has to offer. Without good employees a company cannot compete. A competent and understanding business lawyer can help.

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Employment Compliance

Employment Policies

The best tool for a company to avoid employment related audits, workplace investigations, and litigation is to conduct employment related audits and having a good employment lawyer.  Yearly audits are a company’s best defense to employee claims.

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Integrated Services

Integrated services

MelderLaw wants to be your company’s go to resource.  We recognize that the legal field is changing and that companies expect value from their relationships.  An excellent and caring employment lawyer is what you need and what we provide.

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Veteran Services

Veteran services

We are dedicated to helping veterans get their deserved service-connected disabilities.  Qualifying conditions include PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.  As a veteran’s business lawyer, we act as their champion to get their rightful veteran disability claims.

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